An Open Letter To President Jacob Zuma

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April 8, 2013 by badensworld

… rolls around on the floor laughing …

BEN TROVATO – Durban Poison

Dear Comrade Leader,

Last week I wrote to General Solly Shoke congratulating him on the army’s bold attempt to capture the Central African Republic as part of an ambitious plan to conquer Europe. I must apologise. That letter should have gone to you.

As commander-in-chief of our fabulous war machine, all credit must be bestowed upon your head. And, might I add, what a magnificent head it is, too. I do hope you intend donating your brain to science. It must be the size of a basketball and is surely the world’s most valuable repository of knowledge and information.

While I am always quick to shower you with general praise – by shower I mean no disrespect – today I wish to heap particular praise on your most awesome statement ever.

“The problem in South Africa is that everybody wants to run the country.”

It sounds so simple but, like…

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